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Tax Services


Our tax services have seen substantial growth since our inception and our success has been built around our three pillar promise:

Fair charging

Individual tax payers often get frustrated when preparing annual tax returns, making provisional payments or simply raising queries throughout the year. Each phone call, fax or e-mail seems to raise another charge. Mzelers Business Investments will provide you with a fixed quotation either for the annual and provisional returns or our unique monthly service plan.


We do not hide behind closed doors and large company structures. Our tax experts are always a phone call, e-mail, fax or visit away. Providing you the support you need, when you need it, for your tax issues.

Customer orientation 

Tax is not everyone’s favourite subject and we can understand why. It can seem daunting and confusing. At Mzelers we never forget who the client is. We break down some of the technicalities, guide you through the process and help you understand the opportunities and threats. In essence we put you - the client - first.

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