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Buying a business


Buying a business in South Africa is always a major decision. Often large financial decisions are involved but, in addition to this, other matters have to taken into consideration:


• The appropriateness of the business

• Management run or hands on

• Existing financials and infrastructure

• Value for money

• Exit strategies

• Asset registers

• Outstanding or potential liabilities

• Market threats


A due diligence exercise provides you with the piece of mind that the purchase you are making is value for money.

It is common when purchasing a house to engage the services of a professional surveyor. Their job is to inspect the property to ensure it is what you expect it to be, point out areas of concern and ultimately, from a lender’s perspective, to answer the question: is it worth what you are paying for it?

Due diligence is a similar exercise on a business. It is your way of safeguarding your investment of time, money and commitment. Contact Us to help you make that important decision.but due to a lack of a marketing strategy to introduce themselves to prospective clients.
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